Verzending en retourneren

Shipping and return

The delivery time is depending on several factors. To guarantee quality we use the highest quality leather available. Because of this we are dependent on a third party. If the leather is not in stock, it can take up to a few weeks before the production will start. Do consider a maximum delivery time of 4 weeks. Because the Barbelt is made using hands, the delivery time of larger orders (>30) could be longer.

The shipment goes via PostNL. On the website of PostNL you can find extra information about shipment- and delivery days. Once the shipment has started, you will receive a track&trace code by mail.


The Barbelt is tailor-made especially for you. You have the possibility of trying the Barbelt for 7 days. This way you can try the Barbelt, with all its features and advantages. Besides this we offer a warranty of 4 months. Please make sure to contact us when any production failures or shipment problems occur. After the return, you will receive the product without any additional cost. To make sure the Barbelt has years of lifetime, the Barbelt is treated with a nanotechnology coating. Because of this the belt and the container are bar proof. If misused for example, by using the wrong accessories in the container which are not attended to be used, we sadly cannot give warranty. Also, using aggressive cleaning products on the coating such as chlorine, will result in an expiration of the warranty. If you may experience other problems when using the Barbelt, please make sure to contact us, so we may find a solution together.