Het leer

The Leather

Origin of the leather.

The leather that is being used to make the Barbelt comes from cows. These cows have had a good life and meet the guidelines for animal welfare. These guidelines include the cows being able to express natural behavior.


The creation of quality leather.

The skins enter are surrounded with salt. This salt makes sure the skins do not decay during transportation. After the salt, it will enter a process called Liming. Liming is a process that removes all the hair. After this having been removed, the remaining flesh on the skins will be distinguished. This process is called fleshing. The next step is all about cutting the skin horizontally, so after there are two parts. The upper layer and the so called split. Both layers continue to the process called Tanning. The intensity determines the structure of the leather. The longer this process goes on, the higher the quality of the leather and the durability will become.


The maintenance of leather.

Leather is known for the feeling, the look and the smell. Leather is easy to maintain, but requires some maintenance every few months. When leather gets dirty, you can clean it using a wet towel and some green soap. Also, leather soap can be used for this. Leather can become very dry after some time. This means it can rip apart, this is preventable by treating the Barbelt with leather spray every 2 or 3 months. This will make sure you can enjoy your leather hospitality belt for years.